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common_heart.jpg (1046 bytes) Who We Are: Welcome to Commonwealth Medical

Commonwealth Medical Physician Group is a practice of physicians board-certified in Internal Medicine.

We provide comprehensive primary care services to adults of all ages.

Our physicians are on staff at Presence-Saint Joseph Hospital and Weiss Memorial Hospital, which are both affiliated with the University of Illinois, Chicago College of Medicine. Our affiliations with these hospitals provide us with access to the resources of one of the finest medical networks in the nation.

common_heart.jpg (1046 bytes) Our Philosophy:

Here at Commonwealth Medical, we care about your COMPLETE health.

Chronic illnesses — like high blood pressure, diabetes and asthma
Or acute problems — such as bronchitis or a sprained ankle
Mental health issues — depression & anxiety evaluations, treatment & referrals
Preventive services and risk assessment — to keep you feeling healthy
Long-term care — of your medical problems in the office, hospital or nursing home
Education about your condition — with reading materials and discussions with your doctor
Teens to Twilight years — to help with your changing medical needs throughout your life
Establishing a doctor-patient relationship — based on open communication

Our Services Include:

Primary Care
Complete physicals
Preventive care
Allergy injections
Diabetes treatment and diet
Nutrition/exercise counseling
Pap tests
Patient education
Prevention and treatment of hypertension
Sexual dysfunction
Smoking-cessation counseling
Medical consultations
Referrals to specialists and mental health providers as needed

Geriatrics (age 65 and above)
Geriatric assessments
Osteoporosis treatment
Geriatric nurse practitioner services
Nursing home visits
Home visits for eligible homebound patients
Supervision of home health services

Exercise stress tests
Minor procedures
Laboratory Services

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